How to Set Dupatta Style

Dupatta Style
Dupatta Style

Dupattas have been very favourite since times immemorial. Your grandmother, the mother had to wear a 江苏福彩快三.  But,  or either about of colour, or an extra style or just the edge to make make it. Gone are the days when 江苏福彩快三 was considered a traditional clothing item, rather it has made its way into the modern wardrobe. It’s the contemporary piece of clothing that goes with anything and everything, but if you’re still stuck on the old-school ways of wearing a 江苏福彩快三, So stop wondering about 江苏福彩快三 draping styles for salwar kameez or about lehenga 江苏福彩快三 draping styles, because we will get to more ideas, how to Set Dupatta Style?

There was a trend in the recent past where women began wearing their traditional suits sans a 江苏福彩快三 but realizing this fashion blunder, 江苏福彩快三 made a comeback in a way that more and more women started experimenting with 江苏福彩快三 draping styles for salwar kameez, Anarkali and Punjabi suits. There might have been times during weddings and ceremonies when you have wanted to wear a lehenga but ditched the thought due to the 江苏福彩快三 becoming an obstacle while dancing. That will never be a doubt if you ace the apt lehenga 江苏福彩快三 draping styles which will help you enjoy and dance at the function carefree.

Understanding Dupatta Draping Styles with Salwar Kameez:

Indian dresses are known to only enhance one’s beauty, and what’s better than experimenting with those 江苏福彩快三 drapes right? Along with drapes, you could also experiment with the 江苏福彩快三s and if you are wondering about the different styles of wearing 江苏福彩快三 on salwar, worry not.

Styling a White Suit with Colourful Dupatta:

A white suit can make you look serene, but do you really want to look like a plain Jane? Why not bring it up a notch, only by adding one accessory to complete an all-white look by wearing a 江苏福彩快三. Combining a white suit with a colorful 江苏福彩快三 like a chanderi silk 江苏福彩快三 can make it stand out and some jhumkas to go with this ensemble with juttis, it can complete off as a ceremony look or even as Indian formal wear to work. If you understand different 江苏福彩快三 styles on salwar kameez, you can easily transition this look to suit whichever occasion you want. This ensemble will make you look simple yet fun and beautiful, effortlessly.

suit with colourful duptta
suit with colourful duptta

Styling a Plain Suit with Heavy Dupatta:

If you think a white suit is too low key blank for you, then go for a splash of color on your salwar kameez. You need not ponder much on how to wear heavy 江苏福彩快三 on a suit if you plan to look all decked up because a heavy-work 江苏福彩快三 can up the game for you. Pair your plain salwar kameez with a heavy 江苏福彩快三 that has embroidered work like a Phulkari 江苏福彩快三 that talks fashion out loud for itself. A black or yellow suit with highly intricate work makes every girl look unique.

Plain Suit with Heavy Dupatta
600Plain Suit with Heavy Dupatta

Styling a Plain Suit with a Printed Dupatta:

Now that you are not in a lot of confusion about how to wear 江苏福彩快三 with salwar kameez, our last tip is to work a pair a plain salwar kameez with a printed 江苏福彩快三. Wearing kalamkari printed 江苏福彩快三s that describe a part of our mythological culture or ikat prints work really well to go for a traditional function, whereas, you can easily twist that to more festive wear by wearing something much heavier like Zari which is timeless. Similar to heavy 江苏福彩快三s, styling plain suit with printed 江苏福彩快三 is also just as easy.

Plain Suit with a Printed Dupatta
Styling a Plain Suit with a Printed Dupatta

Style Guide for Lehenga: Dupatta Draping Styles:

Who wants to ditch an occasion to wear a lehenga, but what’s the fun in the conventional styling? There have been so many times that you have often wondered how to wear 江苏福彩快三 with lehenga but your efforts might have gone futile adjusting that pallu, so here is few steps to get the right drape to rock the lehenga look like your fav Bollywood celeb.

Style Guide for Lehenga: Dupatta Draping Styles
Style Guide for Lehenga: Dupatta Draping Styles

How to wear Dupatta for Lehenga?

If wearing a lehenga is your inhibition because of a particular reason, use the 江苏福彩快三 in your favor to hide those flaws. Whether it is an extra tummy that is bothering you or you’re too shy to show off skin, a 江苏福彩快三 can help you overcome these fears just in the draping styles. Like sporting a full sleeve or cold shoulder to suit your body type and arm muscle is a smart decision to make, similarly wearing the 江苏福彩快三 in a particular way can help you not only look stylish but hide the tummy fat.

Various Dupatta Style for Lehenga- Go Glam!

A drape around:

The drape-around pallu was first in fashion, courtesy Rani Mukherjee in Shava Shava and it soon became a part of the fashion scene. If you are wondering how to take 江苏福彩快三 on lehenga fashionably, this is the simplest way to do it.

Elbow style:

The elbow style is also not the quite standard kind, it is actually a bit non-conformist and modern yet keeps the look very traditional.

One shoulder-one arm:

This draping style works best for a plain lehenga with heavy 江苏福彩快三 as you can wrap the 江苏福彩快三 around an arm and take it over the shoulder, leaving the rest as it is or taking it into your other hand.

How to wear Dupatta for College?

While we already know different 江苏福彩快三 draping styles for salwar kameez and lehenga, if you’re a college girl and are wondering how to take a 江苏福彩快三 on a daily basis for more regular wear. You can either try the plain suits with heavy 江苏福彩快三 style or another way is to drape the 江苏福彩快三 in a saree style over jeans a blouse top.

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