In India, the history of fashion is closely allied with Bollywood dresses and trends inspired by them. Today, of course, the Indian fashion industry has come far ahead and become a strong and flourishing industry in its own right.However, both in terms of high-fashion and street 样式, Bollywood movies continue to exert a lot of influence. The confluence of tastes and trends between these two segments remains very strong and is one of the determining factors in what people wear. Bollywood Dresses Fashion Bollywood dresses encompass many different 样式, colors, cuts, and designs, inspired by Indian and western fashions. Another type of Bollywood dress is the designer garment worn by actresses on the red carpet. In the last few years, actresses have really woken up to the importance of having a personalized and unique fashion style. This is why one can find a huge variety of Bollywood outfit options inspired by red carpet looks, ranging from classic to experimental, simple to elaborate, traditional to modern. Bollywood Sarees Fashion The latest Bollywood dresses include revived vintage 样式 like the Kancheevaram sarees as well as innovative outfits like the lehenga saree. Some garments become so popular that they are repeated over and… 阅读更多


The year 2020 brought along tons of unexpected twists in life as we all know it. There was a new-found sense of individuality and lots of chance to become close-knit and intimate. Weddings too followed an equivalent directive. One would think, downsized guest-lists and humble décor would mean uber-minimal attires. While which 将 be the thanks to choosing many folks, Here are some famous people that shunned the thought of dressing-too-down for his or her big day. After all, the bride and therefore the groom are close to starting a replacement journey amidst an epidemic, might also be dressed up for it.Check out these famous people that re-wrote the unwritten rules of 2020 weddings. Neha Kakkar's wedding was nothing but a big-fat Punjabi one, with back-to-back picture-perfect outfits taking the center-stage.The singer's trousseau saw it all, from lush jewelry tones to demure pastels, and dainty floral prints to detailed with embroidery. Most of her looks were au-traditional, with quintessentially simple silhouettes taking precedence over contemporary ones. Her jewelry picks are classics too, with diamond-encrusted choker sets, Polki necklaces, and in fact, the fail-proof oxidized silver earrings.Her groom complemented her with outfits that 出现ed like puzzle pieces, and now we're motivated… 阅读更多

什么是Karva Chauth送给妻子的最佳礼物

Earthen pot called Karva, while Chauth means fourth in Hindi. Lord Shiva, his wife Parvati, and their son.Kartikeya is worshipped on this day along with the Ten 'Karvas' filled with sweets. Karva Chauth an important day for 每一个 married woman (special for new married) in North India as they observe "Karva Chauth" a day-long fast for the love and longevity of their husbands. The women begin the fast before sunrise and spend a full day without foods and waterKartik month of the Hindu calendar, nine days before Diwali, in October or November 每一个 year. Some days before the Karva Chauth, Women prepare the beautiful Jewellery, Bangles, Bindies, and Mehendi and bright, colorful saris or lehengas.Women are all set to shine on Karva Chauth day but dear husbands, are you ready to surprise her with thoughtful and beautiful gifts? If no, let's with us, Here are some ideas to help the husband to choose beautiful gifts. Different gift ideas to make 您的 wife feel special at the Karva Chauth Prepare A Good Sargi For HerSargi is the only meal for Karva Chauth and the first one that she can have on Karwa Chauth. So the least you can do for 您的… 阅读更多

Salwar Kameez的最新颜色组合

不论西服的穿着如何,一整套的Churidar或salwar kameez总是很合适。由于颜色组合,任何西装都处于最佳状态。无论是带有重度刺绣kameez的纯色Salwar还是完全纯色的长寿披肩,只有通过唯一的颜色组合才能看到其纯净的本质。图案,设计和合身度在决定衣服的外观方面起着至关重要的作用,但是,如果颜色组合不合适,这一切都会浪费掉。它的。某些颜色舒缓而平静,而另一些则大胆而时髦。但是,很难选择正确的颜色。有时,它会蠕动您从众多可用选择中选择一个。西服需要有对比色,可以相互补充。为了使事情变得容易,下面是一些最佳的色彩组合,这些色彩组合无疑可以突显所有salwar kameez的最佳色彩。绿色&生锈:绿色和生锈,在很大程度上组合在一起启发了我们周围的自然。它完美融入周围环境,尤其是… 阅读更多


Our houses have a bunch of sarees of our mothers and grandmothers that are too old to be at the same time. If 您的 mother or grandmother decides to throw their sarees away, stop them because we have some beautiful ways in which you can reuse them.Here are some ways in which we reuse our silk sarees and make a stylish look. Even when the silk sari gets old, it is of great use. If you know to stitch and there are some old silk sarees in the wardrobe, then get involved in giving them a new look. Use With A Suit As Heavy Dupatta A sari is about 6-7 yards long. You can make 3 dupattas of 2.5 meters from it. In these dupattas, you use the border and pallu of the sari like patchwork. Sew its edges. Your dupatta is ready. Stylish Kurta If Kurtis is 您的 go-to 布ing, make Kurtis out of the old sarees that have been lying unused. You can even use 您的 old Sarri to make grand, festive Kurtis and other sarees to make simpler Kurtis.Take a piece of 2-meter silk sari to make it. Take the size of 您的 height, chest, sleeves, shoulders,… 阅读更多


Say what you 将 about the show, you can't deny the countless number of eyeballs that Four More Shots Please managed to grab cross the nation. Whether it's because of the refreshing portrayal of topics like body shaming, sexism at the workplace and other feminist issues, or the friendship goals set by the Four More Shots Please cast, or even the high fashion high-octane glamour, the recently launched season 2 of this crowd-favourite Prime original has garnered immense popularity, and gotten on a lot of hearts and perhaps, a few nerves. We've all had our reasons for binging through all the episodes of Four More Shots Please season 2 in one sitting, but for me personally it was the fashion and style quotient of the show that stood out as the cherry on top of the cake. Each of the four diverse lead ladies in the show flaunted a unique individual style, with the overall fashion spectrum ranging from corporate chic to sporty glamour. What further added to the allure was the appeal of each distinct style + personality combo, with me fawning over Anjana's boss girl power suits in stunning pastel shades during one scene, and raving about Umang's… 阅读更多


Women in India have opted for sarees on different occasions for years now. However, it’s the last decade that really made us see the most classic choice of outfit for Indian women in a different light and colors. From designers experimenting with different kinds of fabrics and its draping 样式 to celebrities and bloggers pulling them off like a pro, the year 2021 is all about brides opting for latest saree 样式 that make for something unusual and eye-catching. While our new age brides are always up-to-date with fashion, trends, and style. Here is a list of latest saree designs that are a notch higher in their style quotient and therefore must be considered by them to be a part of their wedding trousseau. Quintessential White Sequinned Saree White Sequinned Saree For brides who love the quintessential saree but don’t mind a modern twist with it, the sequinned saree trend is worth a try. The modern twist that adds the newer nuance of the red carpet to this beautiful saree is its long cape sleeve blouse that almost touches the ground. Royal Blue Colour Pre-Stitched Double Palla Saree Royal Blue Colour Pre-Stitched Double Palla Saree 下一个 on our list is… 阅读更多


It is no matter how beautiful a saree is, how is costly, but an imperfect blouse can ruin the look of 您的 saree. The beauty of the saree accentuates only when if it is matched with an appropriate blouse in a perfect fancy and fit. It is more necessary for you when anyone select beautiful Blouse Design for Wedding and party wears Silk Sarees and Patterns that complement the saree as well as 您的 personality. You can experiment with various  Latest fancy and trendy blouse neck patterns and with sleeve designs for 您的 blouse. Designer sarees and custom made designer blouses from boutiques are the hottest trends nowadays. You can also customize 您的 wedding saree blouse with Maggam work, Kundan work, zardozi work, stonework, thread embroidery, etc. if you to create the rich look at weddings or parties. If you want 您的 saree to grab the attention to the people and keep the blouse simple and 优雅 look you can try simple and stylish blouse back and front neck designs and elbow-length sleeves with big borders. Let’s see some popular and fancy look blouse designs for traditional wedding silk sarees. 1. Plain Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse: Lenght arms blouselenghty arms… 阅读更多


自远古时代以来,杜帕塔就一直是人们的最爱。你的祖母,母亲不得不穿dupatta。  But,  now trends have changed, fashion 样式 have modified but dupattas have stayed someway and it’s no surprise why. Pairing a dupatta with any outfit gives it a twist, 或大约颜色  or an extra style or just the edge to make make it. Gone are the days when dupatta was considered a traditional 布ing item, rather it has made its way into the modern wardrobe. It’s the contemporary piece of 布ing that goes with anything and 每一个thing, but if you’re still stuck on the old-school ways of wearing a dupatta, So stop wondering about dupatta draping 样式 for salwar kameez or about lehenga dupatta draping 样式, because we 将 get to more ideas, how to Set 杜帕塔风格 ? There was a trend in the recent past where women began wearing their traditional suits sans a dupatta but realizing this fashion blunder, dupatta made a comeback in a way that more and more women started experimenting with dupatta draping 样式 for salwar kameez, Anarkali and Punjabi suits. There might have been times during weddings and ceremonies when you have wanted to… 阅读更多


If you’re a 2020 bride, you probably have been saving pictures as references to what 您的 dream wedding should look like. But when it comes to 您的 outfit, you obviously want to opt for something that’s on-trend but still a classic. We asked some of India’s biggest bridal designers on what trends 将 be big next year. Start shopping soon! Tarun Tahiliani “The way I look at it, there are only two strong trends always in bridal couture and this is not something that changes from year to year. There is always a very sophisticated pastel but with a soft vintage look. So whether it is the pale pink, the blush, the many shades of gold, aqua, and of course ivory which is always spectacular on 每一个 skin, it 将 continue as one very strong trend and the other side of the spectrum is the traditional red emanating from the sindoor which is a symbolic culmination of the marriage. Within the reds, colors have tended to get much brighter and more vibrant as opposed to the dark maroons and burgundies that were on-trend a couple of years back.” And if you’re looking for something that you can dance the night… 阅读更多


The winter wedding season is upon us! It's no doubt we all love dressing up for weddings! But wearing backless or sleeveless might not be an option as a winter wedding outfit. Are you are a bridesmaid or have to attend a wedding and cannot decide upon a winter wedding outfit? Then don’t worry! If you are looking for an outfit that 将 keep you warm as well as make you dazzle you have landed on the right 文章 . Here are 8 amazing outfit options for the winter wedding season ahead 1. Anarkali Dress: winter wedding dress -up If you take some cues from the celebrities, then you’d know how effortless styling an Anarkali is! A fancy floor-length Anarkali is the best way to go for a winter wedding. Anarkali covers up most of the skin and saves you from freezing with cold. Opt for a plunging deep V or boat neck with elbow-length or long sleeves and 您的 look 将 be on-point! 2. Saree Dress: latest saree Full sleeve blouse trend is a current hit and it is also a perfect choice for winter weddings! Apart from keeping you warm, the blouse looks 优雅 and graceful. You can experiment… 阅读更多


There are so many varieties of sarees that we have in our wardrobe. From silk to cotton and embellished sarees that we wear on various occasions. But amidst these, owning some flowy, light-weight and manageable sarees is also necessary. Lightweight sarees are best for the days when you want to keep 您的 style chic and easy going. You can style these lightweight sarees in various ways to make it look edgy and contemporary. We compiled a list of types of saree that are lightweight and flowy for 您的 wardrobe 1. Leheriya : Leheriya saree The Leheriya saree is famous for its wavy-striped pattern. It is lightweight, manageable to wear, and is skillfully produced by the tie and dye technique. If you are someone who prefers vibrant colorful sarees, then this one should be in 您的 wardrobe! 2. Mysore Silk : Mysore silks Mysore silks are lightweight sarees and easy to handle that you won’t regret investing in it! It has a favorite for any occasion. They come in vibrant colors that can literally style it with any blouse and jewelry! Mysore silks are lightweight sarees and easy to handle that you won’t regret investing in it! It has a favorite for… 阅读更多


为您的婚礼lehenga选择正确的颜色对您来说可能是一项艰巨的任务。如果您是准新娘,那么您就会知道,令人叹为观止的lehenga将是D日的完美伴侣。您需要确保您的lehenga与肤色,婚礼主题和装饰完美搭配。话虽如此,它也必须与您将要穿着婚礼lehenga的一天中的时间保持同步。7Peach Lehenga Choli styles that may activate the correct 注意。 1.桃色半刺绣Lehenga刺绣:因为您已经等待了足够长的时间 to undertake 刺绣-这种半缝桃花lehenga be a vital 在您的最佳服装清单中。 2.桃丝绸数字花卉 written Lehenga Choli:丝绸数字花卉作品有时 elegant 真丝数码lehenga choli will occur your party affair 尽管事实 your mate isn’t by 您的 aspect. This can be a good reminder to take it slow. 3. Peach Embroidered Lehenga Choli: Embroidered work lengha An embroidered blouse and dupatta isn’t the only way to add an edge to 您的 style. Sometimes a peach decorated 像这样的lehenga every leap forward appear 戏剧性。 4.桃中的艺术丝Lehenga:艺术丝Lehenga Choli因为 decorated art silk is trending, and 您的 lehenga ought to replicate that. This cloth 像这样的衬lehenga增强匹配 shirt 饰有串珠的蕾丝,亮片,丝质线和补丁… 阅读更多


We all know when it comes to Indian weddings then we see lots of color pops and heavy traditional weaves and embroideries to fabrics in full flare and pattern on silks. When we need to go for a winter wedding there’s much to focus on apart from feeling protective during the season to fabric and pattern 样式 also. Winter Indian fashion Trends : Here are some wedding style tips about what to wear ta in winter wedding or how you can choose a wedding outfit for the wedding function as a guest or a family of the bride and groom members. A basic thing to always keep in mind is the place of the wedding, whether it’s a destination wedding, royal wedding, beach wedding, or just a nice temple wedding. This 将 help select the right wedding dress for women. 1. Fabric: When you select the fabric for wedding Saree or Lehenga it needs to be cosy and 您的 design 将 depend upon the fabric. Now a Velvet fabric is great for lehenga and a Velvet half and half saree to keep you warm. Go for silks lehenga with plain or brocades in one colour and go for cosy fabric blouses too in raw Silk, Velvet, Linen Cotton blends… 阅读更多

what to wear to college 每一个day

Today's world has gone with a limitless fashion transformation. Every year or even 每一个 month brings new fashion trends and 样式 that become fashion statements all over. Bollywood actresses have inspired millions of women with their 布ing trend and today it becomes many women’s signature 样式. In any fashion style that seems trendy to their eyes are for experimentation and trial. College days are golden days in 每一个 teenage life. These are the days that no one ever forgets in their life. College days are very precious for 每一个one, but especially girls. This is the time when you make memories with friends and many other people and want to capture those moments in life. Make the most of 您的 college days moments with some stylish and trendy dresses this season. Rugged Jeans: Rugged-Jeans If you are a fashion star or love to make a style statement, then rugged jeans are perfect for you to wow the occasion. Rugged jeans are never gone out of style. These jeans are one of the most popular fashion look these days. You can carry it anywhere without giving it a second thought. Do some experiments with 您的 布ing and go for rugged jeans. You… 阅读更多